Professionalism Workshop

working through the “unwritten” aspects of preparing for and navigating the job market for economics PhD students

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024
Department of Economics
Emory University

This website houses all of the info for a series of workshops in the Emory Economics PhD program. The goal of this series is to prepare everyone for the transition from a student to a professional researcher, whether that be in a university setting or the private field. We’ve split the content into general areas based on where a typical student is in a given year of the program.

Before you navigate to any specific workshop materials, please see our overall Etiquette page. This is material for anyone/everyone. This is stuff that seems almost silly to mention, but academia tends to attract some interesting characters for which basic niceties and professional norms are sometimes lost. We want to avoid that type of label for anyone in our program.

Workshop Info


I certainly didn’t just sit down and write all of this stuff from scratch. All of this material benefited immensely from other resources. I’ll try to list all of those resources here, although I’m sure I’ve missed something.